Gareth Aldridge is a cross-media artist, designer and photographer. With a varied portfolio and adaptable set of skills, Gareth predominantly began his artistic work within the food & drink industry; since diversifying into videogames, weddings, fashion and further products.  

After studying Illustration and Photography at Winchester School of Art, Gareth worked as a UK award winning cocktail bartender & bar manager. He realised he could combine his expertise in design and photography with his passion for food and drink. Over the past decade he has been working as a freelance Artist. His work has seen him creating brand imagery, menus, logo and web design, plus bespoke artwork for businesses and brands.

Previous Client List: 

Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire Gin, CLASS magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Bristol Cocktail Week, Vision Productions, Sacred Gin, Moet & Chandon, Elephant Gin, Psychopomp Gin Distillery, Bruichladdich, Ardbeg, Mangrove UK, Red Light Cocktail Bar,  Le Poivrot Wine Bar & Restaurant, Hyde&Co Cocktail Bar, Her Majesty's Secret Service Cocktail Bar, Dark Horse Cocktail Bar, The Plumed Serpent Cantina, The Ox, The Old Firestation Restaurant & Bar, Weber&Trings Spirits Shop, The Old Bookshop, The Scallop Shell, Woky Ko Restaurant, Rogue Trader Dubai. 

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